Wage Pirate

Auto Needle Threader

$14.99 $24.99

This is the Best Needle Threading Hack!

Repeatedly poking the eye of the needle with the end of your thread? This Auto Needle Threader will end your needle threading struggles! Now you can thread a needle even with your eyes closed. Just slide the needle through the needle hole and hook the thread through the eye. You’ll get a perfectly threaded needle once you pull it out. Spend more time sewing than trying to thread needles.


Thread needles automatically: Thread needles quickly and easily even in dim light and without 20/20 vision
Compact and durable: Lightweight and small enough to carry with you anywhere
Easy to store: Has a convenient ring for easy storage
No special skills required: Perfect for beginners to pros


Material: ABS plastic
Size: 6.5 cm


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