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Bae-Sterilizer™️ - UV Sterilizer for a Cleaner and Germ Free Home

Micro-organisms don't stand a chance against the X-Sterilize!

  • Remove bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms using UV light and keep your home safe.
  • Flu and other viral and bacterial infections will be less frequent, meaning far less doctor’s bills, medications and just general flu and colds!
  • Unique dual mechanism helps to target all areas of your home, especially places where micro-organisms tend to hide
  • Highly portable, so it can easily be carried into different rooms in your home or work place.



Benefits Of The Bae-Sterilizer

  • Suitable for 100-250 sq ft - The 38W bulb in Bae-Sterilizer can easily disinfect a whole 400 sq ft room like a , living room, bedroom, lounge area or kitchen. That means you can protect yourself and your family without worrying about what germs may be in your house! Total peace of mind!

  • Can be used on any household item - Use it on silverware, dishes, mobiles, telephone handsets, laptops, keyboards or other home appliances. It’s 100% chemical free and safe if used correctly.

  • Ozone production – Germicidal UVC light produces ozone during disinfection which makes it possible to disinfect the areas where ultraviolet light cannot reach. You can now just relax and turn the device on, knowing every corner of your room has been sterilized with precision.

  • Portable design - Bae-Sterilizer is super portable, which allows you to easily disinfect any room or area of your home. It can also be taken to your place of work, leisure etc.

What Customers Have To Save


Are you  sure you're cleaning everywhere?

Nasty germs don’t just live in public spaces.

Did you know, you are actually more likely to catch the flu or a cold from our most used things in your home like your smartphone, or keyboard or fridge door than you are from visiting a public restroom. 

Knowing this, a lot of people rush to stock up on household cleaners, detergents and using them constantly to avoid sickness and infection. It seems sensible, right? Well, not so sure…

Here’s the catch: are we ever sure that these disinfectant cleaners are risk-free? Are we really certain that the products we use do what they say?


To try and answer this, we concluded some data over the 10 most popular household cleaners ranging from toilet cleaners to dish soap to see what harmful ingredients they contain and what risks they might represent to our health and the results were amazing to say the least. 100% of them contained either carcinogenic compounds, hormones disruptors or respiratory irritants. Exactly… Not the kind of things you want in your home or work place...


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