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The Safe DIY Approach to Earwax Removal

Ditch the cotton buds or earpick! Our Earwax Vacuum Remover Cleaner is a safe and gentle way to clean your ears without the risk of damaging your eardrums. This earwax remover prevents blockage by gently suctioning wax and debris with comfortable vibration. The soft spoon head is made of soft silicone that’s ideal for the ears of both kids and adults.


Safe DIY Earwax Removal: Safely removes earwax through gentle suctioning
Strong and quiet suction: Comfortable vibrations get rid of earwax and debris
Safe for adults and kids: Soft silicone head is suitable for all ear hole sizes
Lightweight and portable: Ideal for use at home or when travelling
Easy to use: Just turn it on, insert into your ear canal, and let the ear cleaner vibrate and suction the earwax


Material: BPA-free plastic
Weight: 75g
Size: 2.5cm x 13 cm
Battery: 1 x AAA


1. Press the button.
2. Insert the earwax head into the ear canal.
3. Remove the earwax.
4. Clean the earwax removal head under running water.

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