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Flip Cooker

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Master the Art of Flipping Pancakes Instantly

Making evenly-sized and perfectly round pancakes is fast and easy with our Flip Cooker. This innovative pancake mold has 7 round rings to help you cook multiple pancakes at once. You can also use it to make omelets, desserts, sandwiches, hash browns, and many others. You can easily flip it by holding the handle on each side and there’s no risk of making a mess. One side holds the batter and the other side has a flat ring that supports the mixture.


Non-stick pancake mold: Easily lift and flip the silicone mold
Cook multiple pancakes at once: Has 7 round rings
Evenly round pancakes: Make evenly sized round pancakes
Multi-use: Can also be used to make omelets, sandwiches, dessert and many others
Non-toxic and mess-free: Made of food-grade silicone


Material: Non-toxic and food-grade silicone
Size: 39.5 x 23.5 cm

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