Wage Pirate

Magnetic Foot Support Compression

$14.97 $30

Relieve Tired and Achy Feet

Reduce foot swelling and pain with our Copper-Infused Magnetic Foot Support Compression. These socks are designed to increase comfort when you work on your feet all day. The copper helps prevent odor. These socks have a breathable open-toe design that you can wear discreetly inside another pair of socks or your shoes. It’s perfect for both men and women. 


Lasting comfort: Relieves achy heels and feet
Discreet: Can be worn under your socks
Unisex: Suitable for both men and women
Multi-use: Compression socks for travel, work, home, or sports
Open-toe design: Breathable and comfortable to wear all day
Controls odor: Copper keeps odor in control


Women 6 to 9.5: US SIZE: Shoe Sizes 6 to 9.5 EUR SIZE: 36.5 to 41
Men 5 to 9.5: US SIZE: Shoe Sizes 5 to 9.5 EUR SIZE: 37.5 to 43
Women 10 to 13.5: US SIZE: Shoe Sizes 10 to 13.5 EUR SIZE: 42 to 46
Men 10 to 12.5: US SIZE: Shoe Sizes 10 to 12.5 EUR SIZE: 44 to 47


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